Making Two New Websites

Over the years I’ve always designed my own website. Starting in 2000, I used the Desktop Publishing package Serif PagePlus to design my original site. Then I progressed to learning HTML and making use of numerous other website designing packages. I’ve gone through versions which used ‘Flash’, though these days […]

June 10th 2010 – Our Wedding Day

On June 10th 2010, I married my sweetheart Nikki at Christchurch in Burntwood. We’d known each other since 1993, when she was a guest on the ‘NightSchool’ programme on Beacon Radio which I’d helped to produce. We’d kept in touch, and finally started seeing each other in 2001. We got […]

Box Set: The Big Magazine

In April 2016 Big Centre TV re-branded to simply Big Centre. A subtle difference, but it was what everybody called it anyway, and the rebrand said goodbye to the colour swirl, and welcomed the stylized ‘BC’ icon. The company also now officially became Big Centre Television Broadcasting. With this rebrand […]

Box Set: The Big Centre Magazine

During the Summer of 2015, I was presenting Crossroads Check-in at the weekend on Big Centre. I was also helping Chanelle Shea-Calvin with¬†Postbag which was a nice little half hour programme which highlighted stuff on the station, and allowed people to get in touch with their thoughts. Between us, we […]

Box Set: Continuity

Now this is where it gets a little anorakky. On the telly, the bits between the programmes where you hear the announcer speaking and saying things like “This is BBC1, now it’s time to see who’s the most depressed, in tonight’s seventeenth edition of EastEnders”. Yeah, well, anyway, those announcer […]

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