Box Set: Postbag

Postbag was the first programme that I actually presented on Big Centre, on a single occasion in March 2015. The programme initially had a number of presenters and did exactly what it said on the tin – it was a way for viewers to get in touch with the station, find out more, air their views, have a moan, have a laugh… etc… For the most part it was presented and produced by the lovely Chanelle Shea-Calvin

It originally aired every weeknight, at around 11.30pm, after Crossroads. As time went on it became a way to re-show the news items that Big Centre had run in their bulletins during the day. For a show called Postbag, this was a little unusual, so during the summer of 2015 it was decided to move it to the weekend and let it breathe a little. This allowed time for viewers comments to come-in, also new features were planned and introduced, and best of all (for me anyway) I was asked if I’d become the regular co-presenter and co-producer, alongside Chanelle!

I’ve managed to pull together a selection of the shows that we did (as usual the numbers in each title are the date forwards or backwards), as well as some of the earlier shows from the original format. Over the time that we did this half-hour weekend show, Chanelle and I came to the conclusion that we could expand the show to an hour and include even more interesting stuff. The resulting show, from the second week of September 2015, was to be called “The Big Centre Magazine”… but that’s another story for another page…

I may just have a couple more of these shows lying around… I’ll post them here if I find them!

050715 Postbag SD Master
Published at 2017, October 16
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