The Real Rory Morrison

On 11th June 2013 radio presenter Rory Morrison died. Rory had worked at Beacon Radio in the late 80s. He presented the afternoon show and then he went out and about on the roads to do the travel news (as “Fonzie”). He moved to the BBC and later worked on Radio 4 – a regular […]

Big Centre Television

Lee’s Promotional Trailers

Whilst at Made in Birmingham, and Big Centre Television before it, I produced a number of promotional trailers which served to advertise upcoming programmes. Here are some of them, but do remember that the programmes may not still be airing at the advertised time! A quick note about how the listings below work. Videos all […]


Lee’s News Items

Whilst working on “Birmingham News” at Made in Birmingham, I compiled a number of News items and packages. Here’s a selection of the News reports I produced and voiced, including some updates on previous material. All reports should include the original introductory script in the description. A quick note about how the listings below work. […]

Big Centre Television

The Story of Children’s Television

During the late Summer of 2015 an exhibition was staged at the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum in Coventry entitled “The Story of Children’s Televison from 1946 to Today”. Can you imagine if I was to attempt a programme which reflected that title – I’d want to include absolutely EVERYTHING, and there’d never be enough […]