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Interview: The ‘missing episodes’ of Tiswas

When I was little, I absolutely adored Tiswas. You need to know this. If not, nothing that follows will make any sense. A bit like Tiswas really. When the rest of the world had forgotten it, I just couldn’t shake off those happy memories. In 2004 TiswasOnline began as a loose collection of fans of […]

Lee B

June 10th 2010 – Our Wedding Day

On June 10th 2010 I married my sweetheart Nikki at Christchurch in Burntwood. We’d known each other since 1993, when she was a guest on the ‘NightSchool’ programme on Beacon Radio which I’d helped to produce. We’d kept in touch, and finally started seeing each other in 2001. We got engaged that Autumn, and finally […]