TV Projects

The Story of ATV Today – An Illustrated Talk

Back in 2011 and 2012 I was, along with a group of like-minded TV-loving friend, part of “” and we produced 2 DVD documentary series charting the television history of the “ATV Centre” Studios in Birmingham, and the Midlands News Magazine Programme “ATV Today”. Both “From ATVLAND in Colour” and “From Headlines to Tight-Lines: The […]

TV Projects

Crossroads Check-In

Who doesn’t love Crossroads? Don’t answer that! Seriously, I used to love Crossroads when I was growing up. I was born and raised during the Mid-1970s in “ATV Land” (West Midlands) and Crossroads was our very own Soap Opera. Granada had Coronation Street in Manchester. Yorkshire had Emmerdale Farm in Leeds. ATV had Crossroads in […]

Lee B Radio Projects

Making Two New Websites

Over the years I’ve always designed my own website. Starting in 2000, I used the Desktop Publishing package Serif PagePlus to design my original site. Then I progressed to learning HTML and making use of numerous other website designing packages. I’ve gone through versions which used ‘Flash’, though these days its not considered very secure, […]

Lee B TV Projects

Sylvester McCoy Interview – 30th May 2020

During the first lockdown of the 2020 pandemic TiswasOnline – a group of dedicated Tiswas fans (including me!) – decided to re-run compilations of Tiswas clips on Saturday Mornings again, all to raise money for charity (see link below). In addition, we contacted as many members of the Tiswas Team as we could and asked […]

TV Projects

Interview: The ‘missing episodes’ of Tiswas

When I was little, I absolutely adored Tiswas. You need to know this. If not, nothing that follows will make any sense. A bit like Tiswas really. When the rest of the world had forgotten it, I just couldn’t shake off those happy memories. In 2004 TiswasOnline began as a loose collection of fans of […]

Lee B

June 10th 2010 – Our Wedding Day

On June 10th 2010 I married my sweetheart Nikki at Christchurch in Burntwood. We’d known each other since 1993, when she was a guest on the ‘NightSchool’ programme on Beacon Radio which I’d helped to produce. We’d kept in touch, and finally started seeing each other in 2001. We got engaged that Autumn, and finally […]

TV Projects

Box Set: Community Noticeboard

During August I was informed by the new manager of Made in Birmingham that I was no longer required to work on the Birmingham News Weekend Magazine. Things change all the time, so you simply take it in your stride. I had effectively been producing the programme single-handedly for the best part of 2 years […]

TV Projects

Box Set: Weekend Magazine (Birmingham)

And so in July 2017 Made In Birmingham moved… to Birmingham. It made sense. The only reason that Big Centre and then Made in Birmingham hadn’t been in Birmingham up until that point was down to cost. The original station which had won the West Midlands local television license had based itself in Birmingham and […]

TV Projects

Box Set: Weekend Magazine (Walsall)

During the Summer of 2016, Big Centre had been doing nicely. It had passed through the difficult times and emerged in really quite a good state. This made it attractive to other would-be owners. So it was that in October 2016, Big Centre was merged with Made Television, and was to be rebranded as Made […]