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Box Set: Community Noticeboard

During August I was informed by the new manager of Made in Birmingham that I was no longer required to work on the Birmingham News Weekend Magazine. Things change all the time, so you simply take it in your stride. I had effectively been producing the programme single-handedly for the best part of 2 years by this point. I stayed within the News department though, continuing to present the main bulletins in rotation with Mike Prince, plus I now produced many news packages too. I also produced an increasing number of promotional trailers for the station which can be seen elsewhere on this site.

The Weekend Magazine continued… but unfortunately not much thought had been given to who was going to compile, produce and present it! Working fully in the day-to-day newsroom my time was completely taken up. By the time it was realised just how much work went into the magazine – all of which I had been doing for the best part of two years – there wasn’t much time left before transmission. And as I was by then fully underway with my daily News bulletin responsibilities the programme had to be simplified and whoever had spare capacity was asked to put it together. I would have dearly loved to have gone back to continue making it, but it was clear that the priority was the daily news and so I continued with that.

Behind the scenes, far-reaching changes were just about to hit the whole of the company. From November-December 2017 virtually all of the staff across all of the regional offices were made redundant as the company needed to drastically reduce itself in size in order to continue operating. Most operational activities migrated to the head office in Leeds (including all transmission – which was then sent back via Birmingham!) and by the end of the year everyone who had been there since the beginning of the original Big Centre TV had left the company.

After this the station went through further changes, becoming “Birmingham TV”, and then “Local TV: West Midlands” which continues with a skeleton staff in the Birmingham office, and its lovely to see a couple of my friends still on air!

Obviously the changes which brought about our leaving were very painful at the time, but I’m still incredibly grateful for the opportunities that Big Centre and then Made in Birmingham gave me. I made sure I got involved in as much as I could – its simply something I’ve always done.

Back to the Weekend Magazine, and for the final weeks of its existence, I continued to produce the weekly news review, as well as my Community Noticeboard. And that’s what you can watch on this page.

A quick note about how the listings below work. Videos all play in the main big screen, and you choose from the thumbnail listing underneath! Oldest first, newest last. Each title is the original transmission date backwards, followed by the programme name. So “170909 Community Final” is the segment for 9th September 2017.