Bannie on the Trannie (as in transistor radio… lol). Here’s where I’ll be going over my time on the radio. 30+ years – wow! The most recent radio things I’ve written about are below. Have a browse, or do a search – you might turn up something fun! To find out even more about the original “UpAndHappy!” radio show, then pop over to

Lee B Radio

Appearing on ‘Inside Tracks’ (a local version of ‘Desert Island Discs’)

On 2nd August 2010, the Chairman of Wolverhampton Community Radio Training (WCRT, the company which ran WCRfm) Pete Whitehouse presented an edition of “Inside Tracks” and the subject of that edition was me! The programme follows a very similar style to the BBC’s long running “Desert Island Discs”, though the WCR version exclusively features local […]


UpAndHappy! – The Radio Show

UpAndHappy! is the name under which I make my TV and Radio programmes these days – as “UpAndHappy! Productions”. But, it actually started life as the name of my radio show way back in the last century. In 1999 I had been with Beacon Radio for 10 years, and I was at that point working […]


Worzel Gummidge – A Radio Special

When I was little, in the late 1970s, Saturday afternoons were really special because of Worzel Gummidge, the Southern Television adaptation of Barbara Euphan Todd’s ‘Scarecrow of Scatterbrook’ stories. This TV version starred Jon Pertwee, Una Stubbs and Geoffrey Bayldon and for many is considered the definitive version of the stories, though Mackenzie Crook’s 2019-2020 […]

Radio Tiswas

Putting Tiswas on the Radio

In November 2006 I received an email from a gentleman called Mike Smith. At first I wasn’t sure who he was, but he explained that he was Sally James‘s husband and as a Tiswas fan I certainly knew who she was! Mike is an almost legendary name in the music and media business, and he […]


NightSchool on Beacon Radio

Now here’s a real blast from my past. When I was at Beacon Radio (1989-2000) I got involved in one of the evening magazine programmes for teenagers called “NightSchool”. It was described by the presenter Chuck Street (Andy Hitchman) as ‘the Midlands top-rating teenage radio show’, and was broadcast every weeknight from September 1992 – […]

Lee B Radio

Making Two New Websites

Over the years I’ve always designed my own website. Starting in 2000, I used the Desktop Publishing package Serif PagePlus to design my original site. Then I progressed to learning HTML and making use of numerous other website designing packages. I’ve gone through versions which used ‘Flash’, though these days its not considered very secure, […]

Radio Television

Box Sets On The Way!

I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for a good box set. Just looking up from my laptop screen right now I can see box sets of Doctor Who (old school of course), Minder, Superman, Live Aid, Round the Twist (remember that!) that I’ve integrated into my collection over the years. It drives […]


The Real Rory Morrison

On 11th June 2013 radio presenter Rory Morrison died. Rory had worked at Beacon Radio in the late 80s. He presented the afternoon show and then he went out and about on the roads to do the travel news (as “Fonzie”). He moved to the BBC and later worked on Radio 4 – a regular […]