Lee’s Christmas Radio Programmes – Part One

Merry Christmas!

“And now for a choice of listening, this Christmas Day…”

Whether its Christmas or not wherever you are, whenever you’re reading this, for many people it offers a very special feeling. It certainly always has done for me.

One of the things I love about TV and Radio is all of the special programmes which are broadcast around the festive period, and so whenever I have been given the chance to make my own ‘Christmas Special’ I’ve gone for it!

So, here’s a selection of some of the Christmas Radio Programmes I’ve produced and/or presented over the years – in full! If you like the sound of any of them, then perhaps they can be an alternative choice of listening during any of the festive days, after all, that’s what they were made for!

In Part Two you’ll find Christmas Radio Specials featuring The Muppets and The Beatles, and then Part Three features some of my original “UpAndHappy!” Radio Show Christmas Specials…

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  1. Christmas Number Ones – Version 1 (2003)
  2. Christmas Number Ones – Version 2 (2008)

The Christmas Number Ones (Version 1 – 2003)

A nice straightforward 4-hour collection of as many Christmas Number One Singles I could lay my hands on. Originally produced in 2003, this first version of the programme therefore includes Number Ones between 1957-2002 – I revisited the programme 5 years later to update it (see below).

As you’ll hear, this programme originally went out around the all important Queen’s Speech at 3pm on Christmas Day. You won’t hear her here (try saying that quickly!!) but the thought is there.

One last thing, when you hear me in the show, I do sound rather ‘hyper’… I put it down to the fact that, well, it was Christmas and I was excited! (still just a big kid at heart, you know)

Hour 1 – 1957 – 1969

Hour 2 – 1970 – 1979

Hour 3 – 1980 – 1990

Hour 4 – 1991 – 2002

The Christmas Number Ones (Version 2 – 2008)

Five years after the original version of the programme, which had been repeated almost every year afterwards, I finally got around to updating it all the way through to 2008.

I also managed to fill in the gaps of the songs I couldn’t previously find.

And how did I manage to shoehorn the extra songs into the same amount of time?

Tell you what, see if you can spot the join… (you probably can to be fair, ha ha).

Hour 1 – 1957 – 1972

Hour 2 – 1973 – 1985

Hour 3 – 1986 – 1998

Hour 4 – 1999 – 2000

All of the above programmes are legally hosted by Mixcloud which pays royalties to featured artists and composers.

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In Part Two, you can hear my Christmas Radio specials featuring The Muppets, Sesame Street and The Beatles – and then in Part Three you can listen to some of my original “UpAndHappy” Radio Show Christmas Specials…