Lee B

Hello world!

Ah, the first automatic post in someone’s WordPress website blog. Forever destined to either be deleted or pushed right down to the very end of a (hopefully) long line of posts.

Oops, caught me. Quick, shut the door!

I thought I’d leave this one where it is, so that one day, someone will be browsing the old pages on this website and discover this very post and then they’ll feel an almighty urge to send a message through the contact form, and say something like “Hey, I’ve just found your earliest post”. And then joy and rapture will abound as I reply “Oh yeah, I’d forgotten all about that”.

Then the whole world will come together in peace and harmony.

That’s unless you’re looking at this post and thinking either:

a) He only wrote this a few weeks ago


b) Well, he hasn’t done much to this site has he…

I hope to banish both a) and b) into the ether as soon as I can. But for now, welcome to this post and welcome to the website. It’s darned nice to have you here.

Now, send me a tenner.