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The Story of Children’s Television

Watch the video inside this post!

The title of this programme is taken from the name of an exhibition which was staged at the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum in Coventry during the late summer of 2015. Can you imagine if I was to attempt a programme which reflected that title – I’d want to include absolutely EVERYTHING, and there’d never be enough time in the world.

I’m so glad we managed to include most of what was on display in the exhibition when we visited on 19th August 2015, it was absolutely smashing to take a look at what was on display, plus I managed to get up close and personal with Sooty and Sweep – a childhood dream come true. What you can’t see in that particular sequence is the group of small children who had just been playing with Sooty and Sweep. Their eyes lit up when they saw me sit down with Sooty and talk to him in front of a real life TV camera!

Thanks to cameraman Adrian Bloomer, and trusty editor Dan Woodward for working on this programme with me.

I gather that the exhibition went on a UK tour a couple of months after we filmed there, and if you happen to have any memories of it, do let me know, and I’ll add them to this page.