Lee B

An interview… with me!

During March 2021 an old friend, Philip Solomon, got in touch to ask if I would like to be interviewed on his radio programme. I was rather flattered as I’d never really considered myself worthy of an interview. But Philip convinced me, and so we met ‘virtually’ and recorded the interview on 26th March.

It was initially broadcast on the radio, as part of the WWDB (Willenhall, Wolverhamton, Darlaston and Bilston) Community Chat Show on Pulse Talk Radiopulsetalkradio.com – and I then had the idea of making the video version of the complete interview available for people outside that area, just in case anyone might be interested.

So here it is.

It’s always a little weird talking about yourself, and I don’t do it very often but I reasoned it might be nice if anyone who’s known me over the years might like to know what I’ve been up to! Apart from that its all good promotion isn’t it!

The only other time I can remember doing anything like this, was my ‘Inside Tracks’ (local version of ‘Desert Island Discs’) programme in 2010. Listen to that here.

Now obviously at the time of recording, in the UK, we were in the middle of the third lockdown of the 2020/21 pandemic and so the interview was carried out via a videocall so that’ll explain the video picture, but it’s given me a chance to illustrate (and explain) things at various points.

So I hope you’ll find something interesting here, and if you have any questions, you know where I am!

Some of the videos we talk about can be found elsewhere on this website, or www.upandhappy.com or on my YouTube channels. Do a search at the top of this page, or give me a shout!

You can find out more about Philip and his spiritualist work at www.philipsolomon.co.uk