Lee’s News Items

Whilst working on “Birmingham News” at Made in Birmingham, I compiled a number of News items and packages. Here’s a selection of the News reports I produced and voiced, including some updates on previous material. All reports should include the original introductory script in the description.

A quick note about how the listings below work. Videos all play in the main big screen, and you choose from the thumbnail listing underneath! Oldest first, newest last. Each title contains the original transmission date backwards, followed by the item name, and occasionally the duration. So “N171109 P LB MeadowsGardenNetworkRail 1 11” is from 9th November 2017, its an item about a school garden, and it runs 1 minute and 11 seconds. (the ‘N’ in the title means ‘News’!).

If you watch the video on YouTube then you can also read the introductory script for each story!