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Sylvester McCoy Interview – 30th May 2020

Book cover by my TiswasOnline team-mate, Toby Riding

During the first lockdown of the 2020 pandemic TiswasOnline – a group of dedicated Tiswas fans (including me!) – decided to re-run compilations of Tiswas clips on Saturday Mornings again, all to raise money for charity (see link below). In addition, we contacted as many members of the Tiswas Team as we could and asked them if they’d be up for a special online chat. We called the series “All In A Tiswas”.

And so it was that on Saturday 30th May, it was my turn to speak with one of my heroes – Sylvester McCoy! Sylvester had been a regular on the show during the late 70s and early 80s, so I asked him to tell me about it…

Now, when you watch this do bear in mind it was during the first lockdown period of 2020 when interviews of this sort could only really be done via the internet on webcams and then re-broadcast over the internet, so there are a few pauses, glitches, and stutters along the way… but I’ve tidied up the worst of them and so here is Sylv, talking Tiswas (and also about something called Doctor Who…).

Our charity of choice is the NHS Birmingham Children’s Hospital and at the time of recording, we’d raised well over £1000 for them. If you’d like to donate to this wonderful cause, please visit

Thank You!

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