Lee B

June 10th 2010 – Our Wedding Day

On June 10th 2010 I married my sweetheart Nikki at Christchurch in Burntwood. We’d known each other since 1993, when she was a guest on the ‘NightSchool’ programme on Beacon Radio which I’d helped to produce. We’d kept in touch, and finally started seeing each other in 2001. We got engaged that Autumn, and finally by 2010 we’d set the date (we like to take our time…). The weather was lovely, and it was such a special day for both of us, and even though everyone says it flies by so quickly, we made sure we enjoyed every single moment.

This is our complete wedding album, divided into sections. As you scroll, more photos will appear and you might notice them moving around to fit into place (don’t worry, they know what they’re doing). Click each one to see a larger version. You can even listen to our first dance – a full half hour set!

The photographer was David Cooper. Sadly we heard that David had died a few months after we got married. He was a lovely chap, and we absolutely love the photos he did for us. Thanks David!