Lee B Radio

Appearing on ‘Inside Tracks’ (a local version of ‘Desert Island Discs’)

On 2nd August 2010, the Chairman of Wolverhampton Community Radio Training (WCRT, the company which ran WCRfm) Pete Whitehouse presented an edition of “Inside Tracks” and the subject of that edition was me! The programme follows a very similar style to the BBC’s long running “Desert Island Discs”, though the WCR version exclusively features local […]


UpAndHappy! – The Radio Show

UpAndHappy! is the name under which I make my TV and Radio programmes these days – as “UpAndHappy! Productions”. But, it actually started life as the name of my radio show way back in the last century. In 1999 I had been with Beacon Radio for 10 years, and I was at that point working […]