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Box Sets On The Way!

I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for a good box set.

Just looking up from my laptop screen right now I can see box sets of Doctor Who (old school of course), Minder, Superman, Live Aid, Round the Twist (remember that!) that I’ve integrated into my collection over the years. It drives my wife mad the number I’ve got, but we’ve recently got some extra storage, so at least they’re not piled up by the telly anymore.

Of course your taste in box sets will differ, but I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s all about the bingeing these days. I’m well into my bingeing on Netflix, with my own personal guilty pleasure being Designated Survivor (no spoilers, but wasn’t THAT episode heartbreaking…)

Anyway, in my own small way, for a while now I’ve been creating my own box sets that you’ll be able to watch right here on my website. Although I’m guessing you may not necessarily want to binge on them! That ain’t really the point.

I’m going to create box sets of the various TV and Radio shows I’ve made, the purpose of which is to quite simply showcase what I’ve done, and if anyone is interested, to fill in a gap of any shows they’ve missed. It probably seems a little egocentric (and that does worry me) but its as much for my benefit as anyone, as it’s handy to keep track of what happened in which show. And of course, if you’ll indulge me a little, I’m actually rather proud of what I’ve done. Yeah, OK, I guess it is a little egocentric. Ha Ha…

So there’ll be things like the Big Quiz, Crossroads Check-in, and The Big Magazine (plus all of its alternatively named variations) waiting in the wings, all of which I devised, presented and produced (there goes the ego again!!).

I also seem to remember I may have produced a series of compilations of some silly old Saturday morning show called Tiswas… I suppose that might make a nice box set… I’ll look into it…

Oh and if anyone remembers UpAndHappy! in its original radio incarnation, I’m working on podcast box sets of that too.

So if you’ll allow me to do a little bit of this……and the box sets will be along soon…