TV Projects

Box Set: The Big Magazine

In April 2016 Big Centre TV re-branded to simply Big Centre. A subtle difference, but it was what everybody called it anyway, and the rebrand said goodbye to the colour swirl, and welcomed the stylized ‘BC’ icon. The company also now officially became Big Centre Television Broadcasting.

With this rebrand came the notion of renaming a number of programmes in the station’s image. So, The Midland became Big News. The film show became The Big Picture. And I took full control of the Midland Weekend and it became The Big Magazine (almost back to it’s former title!). Each of these shows used a logo featuring the ‘BC’ icon.

Presenting my Big Magazine

The content remained very similar to before, with a review of the week’s news, the community noticeboard (now co-hosted with Natalie Cutler), plus a new business report and film review from Carl Jones, a book review and history segment (featuring my 2 co-studio-Directors, Tom Russon & Tom Wilkinson).

Big Centre was continuing its positive recovery, and many people have told me since that they thought we really hit our stride during this period.

A quick note about how the listings below work. Videos all play in the main big screen, and you choose from the thumbnail listing underneath! Oldest first, newest last. Each title is the original transmission date backwards, followed by the programme name. So “160409 Saturday Magazine” is the programme for 9th April 2016.